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    The New Retro Album - Available Now!

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    Come check us out at Rams Head Live on 7/25 to help us celebrate our album release

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    UPCOMING RELEASE: Samu-L - Lab Sessions Vol. 1

    Samu-L drops a debut instrumental album inspired by summers in Venice, CA

The Gang

The New Retro is a funk/hip-hop band performing live in the greater Baltimore/Washington region. Founding members Che Adams (lead vocalist), Enoch Rowe (bassist), and Jason Stewart (percussionist) have been performing together since assembling at the University of Maryland in 2005. The induction of lyricist Chris Henri "the General" (2010) and producer/lyricist Samuel Chafin "Samu-L" (2011) marked a new sound, termed DC Funk. This style organically meshes R&B, Funk, and Hip-Hop in live band performances sonically compared to the Roots, the Isley Brothers, Funkadelic, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

More About us

Meet the #EagleGang

Che - Lead vocalist

El Bassface - Bassist

Samu-L - Keyboard/Emcee

Funky Stew - Drums

The General - Emcee

Eian - Percussion

The New Retro Discography

The New Retro Album

The New Retro Album is a collection of original songs composed between 2010 and present which were recorded, mixed and mastered in conjunction with NatureBoi, Samu-L, House Studio, and Line Up Room Studios.

Combining the roots of Baltimore and Washington, D.C., the project is a culmination of both the groups and the cities backgrounds. Having released an EP in 2013, this debut album encompasses the evolution and maturation of the DC Funk sound.

  1. Flair

  2. Two Step

  3. Melody

  4. Beej

  5. Just Stay (feat. Samu-L, The General, Rob Regal, & Che Adams; prod. Samu-L)
  6. On The Rise

  7. Get Away

  8. No Good

  9. Song About Singing

  10. Family Ties(feat. Samu-L, Brain Rapp, The General, Rob Regal, & DMV Mac; prod. Samu-L)
  11. Sky Thoughts (feat. The General & Samu-L; prod. The General)
  12. Hydroplaning (feat. The General, Samu-L, G-Two, Dugee F, & DopeTees; prod. The General)
  13. #EagleGang(Instrumental)


The New Retro Mixtape: Volume 1

Original songs written and performed by New Retro members: "Che" Adams (Vocals), Chris "I Go By" The General (Vocals), Enoch Rowe (Bass Guitar), Jason Stewart (Percussion), Samu-L (Keyboard/Vocals)

Special feature: Thom Morey (Guitar)

Several tracks recorded at Arts Institute of Washington (in Arlington Virginia) by Julio Yanes. Mixtape artwork courtesy of Red Table Press credits released 04 July 2013

Download here: Bandcamp

  1. Purgatory 02:20
  2. Hold Me Down 03:05
  3. Damn Damnsel 02:45
  4. Just Another Day 04:00
  5. Drink In My Cup 02:15
  6. Funk Face 03:00
  7. We Got 03:35

The New Retro Music Group Releases

Samu-L - The Circumstance

The Circumstance is an audio narrative of the trials and tribulations faced as individuals strive for adulthood, while immersing its listeners in a world seen entirely through sound. Experience the dynamic differences in the life of a kid just trying to make it when he reaches a cross roads and decides to either change his future, or stay the course.

As the youths life unfolds, he is faced with circumstances and decisions, impacted by both positive and negative influences. The Circumstance is clearly defined as Samu-L gives listeners the opportunity to embrace him as protagonist, antagonist, or both. Ultimately, the album begs the question ...what would you do?

Download here: Bandcamp

  1. The Circumstance 05:39
  2. Just Another Day 06:00
  3. Crime + Politics 06:28
  4. City Lights, Below 02:45
  5. He Pray[And Pray](ft. Che Adams) 05:00/span>
  6. A Hustlers Mind(ft. The General) 06:12
  7. When God Made You(ft. Che Adams) 06:43
  8. Give It All You Got 05:25
  9. Danger, Stormy Nights 05:16
  10. The Lone Wolf 05:44
  11. Moments In Time 04:58
  12. Bomb Back (ft. Che Adams) 07:00
  13. The Cypher(ft. G-Two + Brain Rapp) 07:05
  14. Didnt I (ft. The General) 06:00
  15. Days of Our Lives (ft. Che Adams) 05:12
  16. Fate[Bonus](ft. Che Adams) 03:16

The General - General Public Radio

Download here: Bandcamp

  1. Intro 02:57
  2. Commercial Break (ft. Che Adams) 01:38
  3. Todays Forecast 03:44
  4. Current State 05:59
  5. Oil Spill 02:25
  6. Commercial Break 02:42
  7. War Report (ft. Samu-L) 03:57
  8. Introspection Hour(ft. Jonathan Tillman) 04:35
  9. Outro 04:07


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